There is a wide selection of reasons for seeking injury compensation. The potential monetary loss from care bills, repair and replacement can be huge.

However if you are not at fault our panel of personal injury Solicitors could help you with any of the following claims on a No Win No Fee.

Car and Motorcycle Accident Claims

Why should you suffer chagrin and distress if you are involved in a car or motorcycle accident that is not your fault? With so many vehicles on the road, there is no guarantee they will all be operated by skilled and careful drivers. The effects of a motor accident can often be very serious; injuries ranging from broken bones to whiplash can occur and disrupt lives. This coupled with the possible destruction of a valuable vehicle could cost a lot of money.

Cycling Accident Claims

If you have been knocked off your bike by careless drivers or cyclists then you could be entitled to compensation. Large vehicles such as Lorries often do not spot cyclists in their mirrors when making a left turn, cyclists are vulnerable to injury in such a circumstance. Likewise motorists when opening car doors can be careless and knock over oncoming cyclists.
Injury is common amongst cycling injuries due to the lack of protection they enjoy from their mode of transport in relation to other vehicles. The cycle itself is usually in need of repair or replacement.

Head Injury Claims

The head is a powerful yet delicate tool. Trauma suffered by it could result in the need of special care and attention. This attention is seldom free and often taxing. Whether the injury was acquired through a car accident, assault or negligence, the injured party could be entitled to compensation. Head injuries often affect whole families, this will be taken into account when Ocean Accident Claims strives to redeem the compensation deserved.

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