If you are one of the thousands of people every year who put their trust in NHS hospitals and private health centres only to be given sub-standard care, then you could be entitled to £££’s in compensation.

When you enter the health service, you expect to be cared for by a team of skilled professionals. If this has not come to fruition then you should contact our Injury Solicitors to discover if you can make a Compensation Claim.

There are many different forms of medical negligence that vary from routine care to major surgery. Listed below are some of the forms of medical negligence.


  • Amputation:If an amputation has been deemed necessary due to the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of an illness then an Accident Compensation Claim could be made. Amputation is an irreversible surgery and has profound effects of subsequent livelihood. Unnecessary amputations can be caused by a delay in cancer diagnosis, vascular problems in diabetics and infections.
  • Birth Injuries:The birth of a child should be one of the happiest, most joyous occasions in a parent’s life. However due to the medical negligence of hospital staff, that dream day can become a nightmare. An injury or affliction caused to the baby by medical negligence can cause significant monetary and personal problems for the whole family.

A delay in delivery can cause a deprivation of oxygen leading to brain development problems and cerebral palsy. This can lead to brain damage that will be present throughout life. The subsequent medical bills are often financially crippling.

A failure to diagnose jaundice or low blood sugar levels can further these afflictions throughout life and can lead to further complications

If erbs palsy is not detected in a baby, the birth can become problematic. Without acting to rectify the problem, the baby can be born with defective limbs.

Sufferers of these misdiagnoses can make an Accident Compensation Claim.

Brain Injury:If there is a delay in diagnosing a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage then the brain may suffer significant damage. Likewise complications with anaesthetic could cause similar damage. Brain injuries can lead to a significant loss in quality of life and can have many negative personal and professional implications.

Cancer:If cancer is misdiagnosed or the diagnosis is delayed then the cancer could spread, furthering its impact. When detected early, cancer is far more treatable. If a professional body is guilty of a misdiagnosis, then they are liable for an Accident Compensation Claim.

Cosmetic surgery:All forms of cosmetic surgery injuries and problems are covered by our team of skilled, professional Injury Solicitors. Whether it is medical or superficial surgery, a failure to provide the contracted service is medical negligence.

Eye Treatment:If a misdiagnosis of an eye complaint occurs then the negative implications on the sufferer’s life are large. If vision is partially or wholly lost then the professional and personal life is greatly affected. Likewise failed surgery can lead to similar problems. The professional responsible is guilty of medical negligence.

Spinal Injuries:Spinal injuries that are not correctly and promptly diagnosed often worsen significantly. This can lead to cauda equine syndrome and even paralysis. The irreversible nature of these injuries will affect the sufferer for the rest of their lives entitling them make a significant medical negligence claim.

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