Industrial diseases are afflictions that have been caused by the work environment. Many of these afflictions remain dormant and may not manifest themselves for a number of years. An Accident Compensation Claim can be made against any industrial disease that occurs within 20 years of working in the applicable environment.

Factories and industrial worksites are permitted by law to abide by certain safety regulations. If these regulations were not met and a disease was subsequently suffered then an Accident Compensation Claim can be made by the affected party.

If the legal regulations were not in place during the time of employment, a claim can still be made. The regulations act retroactively giving the entire workforce past and present the same rights to safe working conditions.

The large number of different chemicals and materials that are used by the wide range of different industries has led to a variety of different industrial diseases that can be claimed against.


Lung Disease

Exposure to the dust in coal mines can lead to Pneumoconiosis. Both of these can strongly decrease the standard of living. Pneumoconiosis leads to significantly reduced breath making even everyday tasks difficult or even impossible. If you suffer from the affliction as consequence of coal mining work then you could be entitled to make an Accident Compensation Claim.


Exposure to asbestos can manifest itself in significant health problems later in life. Asbestos flakes can perforate the lung wall when it has been breathed in. This often leads to breathing difficulties.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is prevalent amongst those who have worked closely with boilers, gas fires, gas cookers, central heating, water heaters, generators and barbeques. The poisoning can lead to fatigue, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, headache, flue, confusion, drowsiness and lack of co-ordination. These factors may make it impossible to continue your professional and personal life. If your life has been negatively impacted then you could be entitled to make an Accident Compensation Claim. Serious exposure can cause cardiac failure, respiratory failure, neurological effects and convulsions.


Largely caused by exposure to cleaning chemicals; dermatitis is common amongst professions such as catering, cleaning, printing, engineering, agriculture and healthcare workers. The pain and loss of function cause by dermatitis can have an adverse effect on professional and personal life.

Industrial Deafness

Caused by constant exposure to loud machinery without the correct safety devices; industrial deafness is an incurable affliction. The deafness can lead to personal and professional problems and the sufferers are entitled to make an Accident Compensation Claim.

Vibration White Finger

Also known as hand-arm vibration syndrome or dead finger; vibration white finger is caused by continuous use of vibrating hand-held machinery. A form of Raynauds’s syndrome, the affliction can lead to loss of manual dexterity, loss of colour and numbness. These effects can lead to an interrupted personal and professional life.

Lead Poisoning

People who have been exposed to lead are liable to contract lead poisoning. Accidental ingestion of lead can lead to diarrhoea, nausea, confusion, seizures, kidney damage and infertility. The insurmountable effects on life entitles the sufferers to make Accident Compensation Claims.

Legionnaires Disease

Caused when inhaling small water droplets containing the Legionella bacteria; Legionnaires disease creates a series of Pneumonia-esque symptoms. The Legionella bacteria thrives in waters that have not been properly cleaned and maintained. The bacteria feeds off sludge or rust that falls into the water from poorly maintained surroundings. Symptoms including fever, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, joint pain, loss of energy, muscle aches and chest pain amongst others.


Tinnitus is the prolonged buzzing, ringing, hissing or whistling in the ears. Leading to a lack of sleep and concentration; the affliction can be incredibly stressful for the sufferer. Many industries with persistent, loud noises are prominent in causing tinnitus. Modern safety regulations dictate that health and safety equipment such as hearing protection must be readily available. If these regulations were not available then an Accident Compensation Claim could be due.

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